The ICE Sessions 2017

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Over the next few months on this site we will be sharing segments of our keynote content as well as other speaker’s presentations from the past ICE EXPO shows.

For those of you who were there, this will be a great review. For those of you did not make it to Vegas this will be your chance for some solid business content and hopefully inspire you to join us at the 2017 ICE EXPO (January 26 & 27, 2017).

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This will be the 4th year for the event, and every year the trade show grows, the educational content gets better, and more and more cleaners plan to attend this super affordable, family-friendly, and fun event.

Last-minute registration is only $55, but you can SAVE BIG if you register now… (that is for both days of the trade show AND all of the educational content). There are HUGE prizes at the show, lots of industry movers and shakers, and many have gone home from the show with lots of new business and marketing ideas.

It’s a business write-off, a profit-building opportunity for your company, a great networking environment, and a great excuse to bring the family for a cool Vegas trip.

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4 Fourth segment:
“Success With Social Media.”
Joe Kowalski- Servicemonster
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3 Third segment:
“If A Redneck Can Run A Multiple-Truck Company… So Can You.”
Darrin Hickman- Clean Quik Carpets
Originally presented at ICE 2016
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2 Second segment:
“Getting Into Restoration… The High-Profit Side Of Cleaning.”
Annissa Coy- Firehouse Education
Originally presented at ICE 2015
1 First segment:
“Visualizing and Understanding Your Business.”
Mark Kennedy and Lisa Wagner
Originally presented on Day 1 of ICE 2016

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Mark Kennedy is a business consultant and author of the book “Secrets Of The Carpet Cleaning Super-Giants.” The book details the system he used to boost growth of more than 43 of the largest cleaning companies in the US, generating them millions in increased profits. His “Levels of Success Program” breaks down the system for small to mid-size companies to replicate those same systematic results through a 16-month program.

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Lisa Wagner co-owns one of the nation’s top rug wash and repair facilities, located in San Diego, and as a rug care trainer through Textile Pro™ she has helped to establish and grow rug cleaning operations across the US, Canada, UK & Australia. She is the author of the blog, and was a strategic marketing consultant and business coach for Piranha Marketing for 11 years. She was chosen Cleanfax Magazine’s 2006 Person of the Year for her industry training work.
DISCLAIMER: The "Real Dirt" program is an educational/entertainment program to share ideas, strategies, and perspectives based on the career experiences of Mark Kennedy and Lisa Wagner that are used for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to be a substitute for your own professional advice from your network of financial advisors, accountants, insurance adjusters, or lawyers. The opinions expressed by our guests are not necessarily the opinions of the hosts. Listeners assume their own responsibility for any strategies they choose to implement, and should seek the counsel of their own advisors when needed.Any questions, or comments, or contrary opinions on any topics can be emailed to the show at ObscureMyEmail