The Real Dirt


That's what cleaners are after… and that's what they get with the Real Dirt WebShot series.

"How To Grow. Knowing When To Take The Leap…
And Not Plummet Into Oblivion."
Monday, May 13th (3PM Pacific, 6PM Eastern)

What are the “Real Dirt” WebShots?

Mark Kennedy and Lisa Wagner have joined forces to create a new WebShot Series - “The Real Dirt On Making Money In The Cleaning Business.”
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Mark Kennedy is a business consultant and author of the book “Secrets Of The Carpet Cleaning Super-Giants.” The book details the system he used to boost growth of more than 43 of the largest cleaning companies in the US, generating them millions in increased profits. His “Levels of Success Program” breaks down the system for small to mid-size companies to replicate those same systematic results through a 16-month program.
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Lisa Wagner owns one of the nation’s top rug wash and repair facilities, located in San Diego, and as a rug care trainer through Textile Pro she has helped to establish and grow rug cleaning operations across the US and Canada. She is the author of the Rug Chick blog, and was a strategic marketing consultant and business coach for Piranha Marketing for 12 years. She was chosen Cleanfax Magazine’s 2006 Person of the Year for her industry work.
The “Real Dirt” WebShots are a super concentrated, no-BS, content delivery series. No theories and filler. All the content provided in these WebShots is field-tested proven tactics for success that can be replicated by any size cleaning and restoration company.

How many webinars and conference calls have you been on where it is all fluff and no value? Most spend the first 30 minutes talking about how great they are, are pitching other products, or are rambling about a whole host of things other than anything valuable or useful to the callers!

Most webinars are BORING and a waste of time to most business owners. But WebShots on the other hand are a jolt of PURE VALUE – every single minute with a purpose to help make you a profit.

Who is Real Dirt™ for?

The “Real Dirt” WebShots are for those professional cleaners and restorers who are sick and tired of being tricked into a sales pitch at every single industry event, and are craving real wisdom on building a stronger, more systemized, and more profitable company.

How is Real Dirt™ different?

Most industry events a decade ago were all about delivering value. Today most are all about staging sales pitches. Back then you would see 90% content, and 10% selling. Today it is the other way around, 90% (or more) selling, and very weak content delivery!

Most industry events today – courses, webinar, conventions, seminars – have become glorified commercials pushing chemicals, books, coaching programs, various MLM’s, you name it!

The “Real Dirt” WebShots are going “old school.” You get proven success knowledge about how to consistently grow profits in your company. It’s the REAL DIRT on what is really working today with some of the top companies in the industry. ALL CONTENT, NO FLUFF. And you take away specific action steps to implement into your own company.
DISCLAIMER: The "Real Dirt" program is an educational/entertainment program to share ideas, strategies, and perspectives based on the career experiences of Mark Kennedy and Lisa Wagner that are used for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to be a substitute for your own professional advice from your network of financial advisors, accountants, insurance adjusters, or lawyers. The opinions expressed by our guests are not necessarily the opinions of the hosts. Listeners assume their own responsibility for any strategies they choose to implement, and should seek the counsel of their own advisors when needed.

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